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92 - It's a Beautiful Day

Take a look at the sunrise

o'er the hilltop. It's like a

new painting every day.

Watch the reds and the blues

and the golds flow together.

The Great Creator makes it

every day.



It's a beautiful day with

Father Yahweh. It's a 

beautiful day every day.

It's a beautiful way going

with His family. Oh

HalleluYah, it's a beautiful



When we have a problem, we

don't feel sad. When we don't

understand, let's not get mad.

Let's give our heavy load up to

Father Yahweh and enjoy His

beautiful day.


Feel the peaceful Dove come

down upon us. It is sent from

our Father above. On wings of 

song He glides upon us. And in

His Spirit we move along.


There's a far more beautiful

day we have to look to. It's a

day when true peace there shall

be. When we're united with

Yahweh's family. That

beautiful day we shall see.