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1 - Praise the Name of Yahshua

Praise the name of Yahshua.

Praise the name of Yahshua.

He's my rock. He's my fortress.

He's my deliverer, in Him will I

trust. Praise the name of


2 - I See Yahweh

I see Yahweh. I see Yahweh. 

He is high and lifted up and His

Train fills the temple. He is

High and lifted up and His

Train fills the temple. The

angels cr

3 - Who Is Like Unto Thee

Who is like unto Thee, oh our

Mighty El? Who is like unto

Thee? Glorious in holiness.

Fearful in praises, doing

wonders. Who is like unto Thee

4 - I Love Yahshua

I love Yahshua, for He is my 

Friend. He's never failed me, 

tho' oft I've failed Him. His

love sustains me, when the way

is not plain to me. I love


5 - Far Above All Rule and Authority

Far above all rule and authority

and power and dominion. Far

above all rule and authority

and power and dominion. And

every name that is named not

only in th

6 - Bind Us Together

Bind us together, Yah. Bind us

together with cords that cannot

be broken. Bind us together,

Yah. Bind us together, Yah.

Bind us together in love.


7 - It Is A Good Thing To Give Thanks

It is a good thing to give thanks

unto Yahweh. It is a good thing

to give thanks unto Yahweh.

And to sing praises unto Thy

name, oh MOST HIGH!

8 - Let the Saints Be Joyful In Glory

Let the saints be joyful in

glory. Let them sing aloud

upon their beds. Let the 

High praises of Yah be in

their mouth, and a two-

edged sword in their hand

9 - I Exalt Thee

For Thou oh Yah art high

above all the earth. Thou

art exalted far above all

gods. For Thou oh Yah

art high above all the earth. 

Thou art exalted far above

10 - Let It Breathe on Me

Let it breathe on me. Let it

breathe on me. Let the breath

of Yah now breathe on me.

Let it breathe on me. Let it 

breathe on me. Let the 

breath of Yah no

11 - Yahshua Said One Day

Yahshua said one day, If any

man is thirsty, let him come to

me and I will give him some

water and he'll never thirst

again. Never thirst again.

Never thirst

12 - Thou Art My El

Thou art my El and I will 

praise Thee. Thou art my El,

I will exalt Thee. Oh give 

thanks unto Yahweh for He

is good and His mercy

endureth forever.

13 - Yahweh our El Reigns

Halleluyah for Yahweh our El,

the almighty reigns.

Halleluyah for Yahweh our El,

the almighty reigns. Let us 

rejoice and be glad and give

the glory unto Hi

14 - I Keep Falling in Love with Him

I keep falling in love with Him,

over and over and over and

over again. I keep falling in

love with Him, over and over

and over and over again. He

gets sweet

15 - Oh Yahweh

Oh Yahweh, Oh Yahweh

behold, Thou hast made

heavens and earth by Thy

great power and outstretched 

arm. There is nothing too

hard for Thee. There is 

16 - He Careth for You

He careth for you. He careth

for you. His love flows like a 

river. He died its true,

because of love for you. So,

trust Him with your life.

17 - Reach out and Touch Yahshua

Reach out and touch 

Yahshua as He goes by.

You'll find He's not too

busy to hear your heart's 

cry. He is passing by this

moment your needs to 


18 - Come Bless Yahweh

Come bless Yahweh, all ye

servants of Yahweh, who

stand by night in the house

of Yahweh. Lift up your

hands in the holy place. And 

bless Yahweh and bless

19 - He Is Exalted

He is exalted. He is exalted.

He is exalted on high. 

Creation will praise Him. His

saints will adore Him. He is

exalted on high. 


You are exalt

21 - He Paid A Debt

He paid a debt He did not owe.

I owed a debt I could not pay.

I needed someone to wash my

sins away. And now I sing a 

brand new song, Amazing 

Grace. Yahs

22 - Oh How I Love this Family

Oh how I love this family, for

in each one I see the Spirit of

Yahshua Ha Mashea. I'm so

glad Yahweh called you,

whether gentile or dear Jew.

How I love this

23 - Father Yah I Give All Thanks to Thee

Father Yah I give all thanks

to Thee. Father Yah my 

hands I humbly raise to Thee.

For Thy mighty power and 

love amazes me, amazes me.

As I stand in awe a

24 - Born Again

Born again, there's really been

a change in me. Born again,

just like Yahshua said. Born

again, it's all because of

Calvary. I'm glad, so glad

that I've been

25 - Draw Me After You

Draw me after You and let us

run together. We will rejoice

in You and be glad. We will

rejoice in You and be glad.

We will extol Your love more

than wine. Dr

26 - Beloved Let Us Love One Another

Beloved let us love one another

For love is of Yah and

everyone that loveth is born of

Yah, and knoweth Yah. He

that loveth not knoweth not

Yah for Yah is lo

30 - Little by Little He's Changing Me

Little by little He's changing 

me. Line upon line He's

teaching me. Precept on

precept until I'm free. 

Yahshua is changing me.

32 - Oh Yahweh I Call unto You

Oh, Yahweh I call unto You, to

take my life, to take my strife,

to take my burdens and my

cares. To cleanse my soul, to

make me whole, that I may

give my all

34 - Father Make Us One

Father make us one. Father

make us one, that the world

might know Thou hast sent

Thy Son. Father make us one.


Behold how pleasant and good

it is t

35 - I Will Praise Him in the Morning

I will praise Him in the 

morning, HalleluYah. I

will praise Him in the 

evening, HalleluYah. For He

is everything to me and only

He can set the captives f

36 - Make Us One

Make us one in Thy Holy 

Spirit, Yahweh. Knit us 

together by Your love, that

we might be the people You 

desire us to be. A people

made your precious fam

37 - I Will Praise Him

I will praise Him. I will praise

Him. Praise the Lamb for

sinners slain. Give Him glory

all ye people, for His blood

has washed away each stain.

38 - Seek Ye First

Seek ye first the Kingdom of

Yah and His righteousness.

And all these things shall be 

added unto you. Hallelu,



Ask and it shall be g

39 - Great Father Almighty

Great Father Almighty,

Everlasting we adore Thee. A

Father so tender and true. 

Please take us and use us in a 

way that will please You and 

bring glory

40 - Let's Move up a Little Closer

Let's move up a little closer in

Yah's kingdom. Let's all get

our hearts in one accord. 

Let's open up our hearts to 

receive this message of what

Yah's do

42 - Holy Spirit Will Set Your Heart a-Dancing

The Holy Spirit will set your

heart a-dancing. The Holy

Spirit will fill you through and

through. The Holy Spirit will

set your heart a-dancing and

set your

43 - Now I Have that Everlasting Joy

Now I have that everlasting 

joy within, since Yahshua

took away my sin. The

moment that He blessed me

and made me fully whole, He

put that everlasting joy

44 - Is He Not an El

Is He not an El big enough to

answer your every prayer and

meet your every need? Does

not He know your heart, and

doesn't He love you? Will not

He answer in

46 - Let's Move on by Faith

It was by faith that Noah

labored faithfully, and 

built a place of refuge to

save his family. It was by

faith that Moses went across

the sea, for he knew

47 - I Don't Know Why

I don't know why He should

even love me so, that to a cruel

tree of death He would go. I

don't know how He could look

with love on me, but praise His 


48 - Bring Us Closer

Bring us closer, bring us closer

oh Yahweh unto Thee. Let us

catch the vision of Your great

family. Then we'll work with

each other in harmony. Bring

us clos

50 - My Beloved is Mine

My Beloved is mine and I am

His and His banner over me is

love. My Beloved is mine and

I am His and His banner over

me is love. My Beloved

is mine and I am H

51 - Come and Eat of the Bread of Heaven

Come and eat of the Bread of 

heaven. Come and drink of

the water of life. Yahshua is 

the Bread Whom the Father

hath sent. And He's come to 

give you lif

52 - Don't Try to Tell Me

Don't try to tell me, that my

Savior's dead. Don't try to 

tell me that He's not alive.

For I can feel Him, and I can

hear Him when He speaks to

my heart. M

53 - Go Through

Go through! Go through the 

Gate. Prepare ye the way of 

the people. Cast up the

Highway, gather out the 

stones. Lift up a standard for

My people.

54 - He Alone Is Worthy

He alone is worthy, I will

praise Him. He alone is

worthy, I will praise Him.

He alone is worthy, I will

praise Him. Praise ye

Yahweh! (Repeat)


55 - I Know it was the Blood

I know it was the blood. I

know it was the blood. I

know it was the blood for me.

One day when I was lost, He

died and paid the cost. I

know it was the blood

57 - He Set Me Free

He set me free, yes, he set me

free. He broke the bonds of

prison for me. I'm glory

bound, Yahshua to see. Oh,

glory to Yahweh, He set me 


58 - Let Me Love My Brother

Let me love my brother more 

than myself. Let me love my

sister more than me. Let

Your love flow through me, to

meet the needs of this great


59 - It Gets Sweeter

It gets sweeter as the days go

by. It gets sweeter as the 

moments fly. His love is

richer, deeper, fuller, sweeter.

Sweeter and sweeter and

sweeter as the

60 - I Love this Family of Yah

Amid the toils and struggles of 

the day I stop and count my

blessings and I say, "Thank 

You, Yah, for giving this new 

life to me. And thank You

for thi

65 - He's Sweet I Know

He's sweet I know. He's sweet

I know. Storm clouds may rise

and strong winds may blow.

But I'll tell the world, wherever

I go, that I have found the

Savior a

69 - Cloud of Glory

The cloud of Glory is moving.

Move with the cloud. Move

with the cloud. The cloud of

Glory is moving. Move with

the cloud. Move with the

cloud. Let your spir

70 - I Have Seen a Vision

I have seen a vision, a sweet

vision of life: one faith, one

doctrine, One Elohim; One 

Spirit, one immersion, One

Father of all. No matter

where you're co

71 - I Believe in the Father

I believe in the Father. I

believe in the Son. I

believe in the Spirit that's

making us one. Yahshua

prayed that last hour that we

might be one. I believe th

73 - Great and Marvelous Are Thy Works

Great and marvelous are Thy

works, oh Yahweh El-Shaddi. 

Just and true are Thy ways, oh

Thou King of saints. And who

shall not fear Thee, oh

Yahweh, and glo

74 - Free, Free, Free

Free! Free! Free! Yahshua set

me free and filled me with His 

Holy Spirit. He opened my

eyes to His family, and what a

strength they have been to me.

75 - Oh How I Long for Thee

Oh how I long for Thee. Oh

how I thirst for Thee. How I

need Thy Holy Spirit to

cleanse my soul and to make

me whole. So, fill me up, fill

me up with Thy Hol

76 - I Want to Be Ready

I want to be ready when

Yahshua comes. Ready to

meet Him when He comes

again. I want to be there 

when His feet shall rend that

mountain in twain. I want to

79 - In His Presence

In His presence, in His 

presence there is peace.

In His presence, in His

presence there is joy. 

I will linger. I will stay in 

His presence day by day,<

80 - I Will Sing unto Yahweh

I will sing unto Yahweh as 

long as I live. I will sing

praise to my El while I have

my being. My meditation of 

Him shall be sweet. I will be

glad, I will

81 - I Am Blessed

I am blessed. I am blessed.

Everyday that I live I am

blessed. When I wake up in

the morning 'til I lay my 

head to rest, I am blessed.

I am blessed.

82 - Behold, Behold

Behold, behold, behold how

good and pleasant it is, for

brethren, for brethren, for

brethren to dwell in unity.

It's like the oil, the precious

oil upon the

83 - Great is Yahweh

Great is Yahweh and greatly

to be praised, in the city of 

our El, in the mountain of His

holiness. Beautiful for 

situation, the joy of the whole

earth, i

84 - I Was Glad When They Said

I was glad when they said unto 

me, let us go into the house of 

Yahweh. Our feet shall stand 

within thy gates, oh Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is builded as a city

85 - I Will Perfect that which Concerneth Thee

I will perfect that which

concerneth thee, so wait on

Me, so wait on Me. I will

perfect that which

concerneth, so wait on Me,

just wait and see. I'll make

86 - Mighty, Mighty

Mighty! Mighty! Is Yahweh

and mighty is His Name.

Mighty! Mighty! Is Yahweh

and greatly to be praised. He

is the Elohim of hosts, the Holy

One of Israel. Mig

87 - Rejoice in Yahweh

Rejoice in Yahweh always and

again I say rejoice. Rejoice in

Yahweh always and again I 

say rejoice. Rejoice! Rejoice!

And again I say rejoice.

Rejoice! Rej

90 - Put on the Garment of Praise

Put on the garment of praise

for the spirit of heaviness.

Lift up your voice to Yah.

Praise in the Spirit and with

understanding. Oh magnify


91 - Satan I Command You

Satan I command you in the 

Name of Yahweh, put down

your weapons and flee. For

Yahshua hath given me 

authority to stomp all over



92 - It's a Beautiful Day

Take a look at the sunrise

o'er the hilltop. It's like a

new painting every day.

Watch the reds and the blues

and the golds flow together.

The Great Creator

93 - Faithful Is What I Want to Be

Faithful is what I want to be. 

Faithful to my loving Elohim.

He brought me out of this

world, gave me love and a

family. So faithful is what I

want to be.<

94 - More to Be Desired are They

The Law of Yahweh is perfect,

converting the soul. The

Testimony of Yahweh is sure,

making wise the simple.



More to be desired are they

95 - Give Thanks

Give thanks with a grateful

heart. Give thanks to the 

Holy One. Give thanks, for He

has given Yahshua, His Son.



And now, let the weak s

96 - By His Word

By His Word, I have no fear in

me. By His Word, death

cannot swallow me. By His

Word, I have prosperity. By

His Word, sickness can't dwell

in me. By His Word

98 - I Love You Yah Today

I love You. I love You. I love

You, Yah, today, because You

care for me in such a special 

way. That's why I praise You,

I lift You up, and I magnify 


100 - I Found it in Him

I found it in Him, a way out

of darkness. I found it in

Him, sweet peace for my

soul. I found it in Him, a

reason for living. Now I'm

satisfied, and I need n

101 - Our Yah Lives

Our Yah lives and He reigneth

Our Yah speaks, hears and

our Yah sees. Our Yah

speaks words of comfort in

any language. Our Yah rules

the wind and calms the 

103 - It's for Us He Died

It's for us He died, for us He

cried, for us He prayed all

night. All we have to do is 

ask Him to help us live our



He's a merciful Elohim

104 - Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You

Heavenly Father, I appreciate 

You. Heavenly Father, I

appreciate You. I love You,

adore. I bow down before

You. Heavenly Father, I 

appreciate You.


105 - My Yah is Real

There are some things I may

not know. There are some 

places I can't go. But I am

sure of this one thing, that

Yah is real, for I can feel Him

deep within.<

106 - I Will Call upon Yahweh

I will call upon Yahweh, Who

is worthy to be praised. So

shall I be saved from my



Yahweh liveth, and blessed be

the Rock, and let the El of

107 - Beautiful, Wonderful Salvation

He saw me in my worst

condition, when I had no

good of my own. He looked

and He wept as He carried

that tree up Golgotha's Hill.



110 - Praise be to Yahweh

Praise be to Yahweh. All

glory to His Name. Praise be

to Yahweh and Yahshua His  

Son. Blest be the Spirit that

makes this body one. Praise

be to Yahweh an

111 - So What If Kingdoms Crumble Down

For years alone and lost was I,

no refuge could I find. Just

like a piece of drift wood

floating down the sea of time.

Then something happened to

my heart th

112 - Lift Him Up

How to reach the masses, men

of every birth, for an answer 

Yahshua gave a key. And if I,

if I be lifted up from the 

earth, I'll draw all men unto 


113 - His Name is Wonderful

His Name is wonderful. His

Name is wonderful. His Name 

is wonderful, Yahshua my

King. He is the mighty King,

Master of everything. His

Name is wonderful, Y

114 - Come and Dine

Yahshua has a table spread,

where the saints of Yah are

fed. He invites His chosen

people, come and dine. With

His manna He doth feed, and 

supplies our eve

115 - Precious Yah

Precious Yah, take my hand. 

Lead me on, let me stand.

I am tired. I am weak. I am

worn. Through the storm,

throught the night, lead me on

to the light. Tak

121 - I'll Live for Him

My life, my love I give to Thee,

Thou Lamb of Yah Who died

for me. Oh may I ever 

faithful be, my Savior and my




I'll live for

122 - Lily of the Valley

I've found a Friend in Yahshua.

He's Everything to me. He's

the Fairest of ten thousand to

my soul. The Lily of the valley, in

Him alone I see, all I need to 

124 - In Your Temple

In Your temple I stand in awe

as the huge heavenly host sing,


and majesty are before You

continually. Strength and

beauty are in Your

125 - Glory Halleluyah

Glory Halleluyah, He's living 

in my heart. Glory Halleluyah,

He set me free. When I was 

lost in darkness, Yahshua took

a hold of me. Glory Halleluyah, 

126 - I Surrender All

All to Yahshua I surrender. 

All to Him I freely give. I

will ever love and trust Him,

in His presence daily live.



I surrender all. I sur

128 - Higher Ground

I'm pressing on the Upward 

Way. New heights I'm gaining

ev'ry day. Still praying as I'm 

onward bound, "Yah, plant

my feet on Higher Ground."



129 - He Lives

I serve a risen Savior. He's in

the world today. I know that

He is living, whatever men

may say. I see His hand of

mercy. I hear His voice of 

cheer, and ju

130 - I Want to Praise His Name

I want to praise His Name and

His love proclaim, for He's 

done so very, very much for 

me. I want to sing and shout

for from the pit He brought

me out. I

131 - I Know Whom I Have Believed

I know not why Yah's 

wondrous grace to me He

hath made known. Nor why,

unworthy, Yah in love

redeemed me for His Own.



But I know

133 - Everybody Ought to Know

Everybody ought to know.

Everybody ought to know.

Everybody ought to know,

Who Yahshua is. (Repeat)


He's the Lily of the Valley.

He's the Bright a

136 - At the Tree

Alas and did my Savior bleed? 

And did my Sovereign die.

Would He devote that sacred 

head for such a worm as I?



At the tree, at the tre

137 - He Has Made Me Glad

I will enter His gates with

thanksgiving in my heart. I

will enter His courts with 

praise. I will say this is the 

day that Yahweh has made. I

will rejoic

139 - Enter Ye into His Gates

Enter ye into His gates with

thanksgiving and into His

courts with praise. Make a 

joyful noise unto Yahweh, a

sweet sacrifice of praise.

140 - Shout, Shout, Shout

Shout! Shout! Shout, with a

voice of gladness. Shout aloud

for joy unto Elohim. Shout, 

'HalleluYah! Glory in the 

Highest.' Shout, 'HalleluYah!

Praise Yah

145 - My Redeemer

I will sing of my Redeemer

and His wondrous love to me.

On the cruel tree He suffered, 

from the curse to set me free.



Sing, oh sing... o

146 - A Song of Joy

A song of joy and words of

gladness. Rejoice, rejoice,

there's victory. No more tears

and no more sadness. We'll

be rejoicing when we reach

that goal.

147 - I Can Hear the Spirit Say

I can hear the Spirit say, 

"Come up higher, come up

higher to where the rivers

flow free. If you want to

gain power in this last hour,

come up higher My ch

149 - Learning to Lean

Learning to lean. Learning to

lean. I'm learning to lean on 

Yahshua. Finding more power

than I'd ever dreamed. I'm

learning to lean on Yahshua.

150 - I Want to Tell the World

I want to tell the world what 

He has done for me. I want to 

show the world what He has 

let me see. I see His family,

it's a mystery to this world

and i

151 - Love, Love, Love

Love, love, love was Yahshua's 

motto. Faith, faith, faith was

His way of life. Joy without

end was deep down in His soul

and His heart must have been 


154 - Let the Love of Yahweh

Let the love of Yahweh do the

work in your soul. Do not

harden your heart to Him. 

Let the Spirit flow all through

us now, and do the work that

must be done

155 - Let's Worship Him

Let's worship Him in the 

beauty of holiness. Let's

worship Him, for our souls

have been richly blessed.

Glory, might and honor

belongs to Him. Let's

156 - Count Your Blessings

When upon life's billows you

are tempest-tossed. When you

are discouraged, thinking all 

is lost. Count your many

blessings, name them one by

one, and it wi

157 - Because He Lives

Yah sent His Son, they called

Him Yahshua. He came to

love, heal, and forgive. He

lived and died to buy my

pardon, an empty grave is

there to prove my Savior

160 - Holy Spirit, Thou Art Welcome

Holy Spirit, Thou art welcome

in this place. Holy Spirit, Thou

art welcome in this place.

Omnipotent Father of mercy

and grace, Thou art welcome

in this plac

161 - I'm a New Creation

I'm a new creation. I'm a 

brand new man. Old things

are passed away. I've been

born again. More than a 

conqueror, that's what I am.

I'm a new creation. I

162 - Are You Washed in the Blood

Have you been to Yahshua for

the cleansing power? Are you

washed in the blood of the

Lamb? Are you fully trusting

in His grace this hour? Are

you washed in t

163 - Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

What a fellowship, what a joy

divine, leaning on the 

everlasting arms. What a

blessedness, what a peace is 

mine, leaning on the

everlasting arms.

164 - He Is My Everything

He is my Everything. He is my

All. He is my Everything both

great and small. He changed

my life for me, made

everything new. He is my 

Everything, now how a

165 - Just as I Am

Just as I am without one plea,

but that Thy blood was shed

for me. And that Thou

bidd'st me come to Thee. Oh

Lamb of Yah I come! I come!


Just as I

166 - It's Beginning to Rain

It's beginning to rain. Hear

the Voice of the Father,

saying, "Whosoever will, let

him drink of this water." He

said, "I'll pour My Spirit out

on your sons a

167 - Revive Us Again

We praise Thee oh Yah! For

the Son of Thy love, for

Yahshua Who died and is now

gone above...



Halleluyah! Thine the glory.


168 - Abiding in the Vine

I have a new way of living. I

have a new life divine. I have

the fruit of the Spirit, abiding,

abiding in the vine. Abiding

in the vine, abiding in the vine:

169 - As the Deer Panteth for the Water

As the deer panteth for the

water, so my soul longeth

after Thee. You alone are my

heart's desire and I long to

worship Thee.




170 - Pass Me Not

Pass me not, O gentle Savior.

Hear my humble cry. While

on others Thou art calling, do

not pass me by.



Savior, Savior, hear my


171 - Glory to His Name

Down at the tree where my

Savior died, down where for

cleansing from sin I cried.

There to my heart was the 

Blood applied. Glory to His



172 - Holy Spirit Come

Holy Spirit come. Make my

eyes to see. Make my ears to

hear. Make my mouth to 

speak. Make my heart to seek.

Make my hands to reach out

and touch this world

173 - Blessed Assurance

Blessed assurance, Yahshua I

know! Oh, what a foretaste

of glory below. Heir of

salvation, purchase of Yah.

Born of His Spirit, washed in

His blood.

179 - It's Good, Oh It's Good

It's good, oh, it's good, this

Wine I'm drinking of. It's

good, oh, it's good, these

blessings from above. Yah

made with us a covenant,

and we know that it's

180 - I Shall Not Be Moved

Glory, HalleluYah, I shall not

be moved. Anchored safe in

Yahweh, I shall not be moved.

Just like a tree that's planted

by the waters, I shall not be


181 - He Hideth My Soul

A wonderful Savior is 

Yahshua our King. A

wonderful Savior to me. He

hideth my soul in the cleft of

the rock, where rivers of 

pleasure I see.


182 - Greatest Thing in All My Life

The greatest thing in all my 

life is loving You. The

greatest thing in all my life 

is loving You. I want to love

You, Yah. I want to love You,

Yah. The g

183 - Every Day with Yahshua

Every day with Yahshua, is

sweeter than the day before.

Every day with Yahshua, I

love Him more and more.

Yahshua saves and keeps me.

He's the One that I ado

184 - Let's Talk about Yahshua

Let's talk about Yahshua, the 

King of kings is He. Ruler of 

rulers through all eternity;

the Great I Am, the Way, the

Truth, the Life, the Door, let's


185 - Set My Spirit Free

Set my spirit free, that I might

worship Thee. Set my spirit

free, that I might praise Thy

Name. Let all bondage go and 

let deliverance flow. Set my 


186 - I Believe Yah

I believe Yah, I believe Yah;

ask what you will and it shall

be done. Trust and obey,

believe Him and say: "I 

believe, I believe Yah!"

187 - Isn't He Wonderful

Isn't He wonderful, wonderful,

wonderful? Isn't Yahshua, my 

El, wonderful? Eyes have seen,

ears have heard, 'tis recorded

in Yah's Word. Isn't Yahshua,


189 - Just a Closer Walk with Thee

I am weak, but Thou art

strong; Yahshua, keep me 

from all wrong; I'll be 

satisfied, as long as I walk,

let me walk close to Thee.



191 - He Touched Me

Shackled by a heavy burden,

'neath a load of guilt and

shame. Then the hand of

Yahshua touched me, and

now I am no longer the same!




192 - I Will Serve You

I will serve You, because I love

You. You have given life to me.

I was nothing until You found

me. You have given life to me.


Heart-aches and broken piec

193 - Oh Give Thanks unto Yahweh

Oh give thanks unto Yahweh,

For He is good, good, good.

His mercy's everlasting, His

truth endures to all 

generations. Oh give thanks 

unto Yahweh.

194 - His Mercy's Extended

On the Day of Pentecost, they

cried, "What shall we do?" Simon

said, "Repent, for the promise is

unto you." Three thousand went 

down in the water, washed in


195 - Oh Yahweh my El

Oh Yahweh my El, holy is Thy

Name. Oh how the mountains

and the valleys proclaim the 

same. We lift you up, oh holy

Father, above You there's no 

other. Oh

197 - Sabbath Song

I'll make My Sabbath a joy 

and a praise for My people

who honor My day. And I

will bless them abundantly,

pour out freely. Give them

great liberty on my Sa

198 - Blow the Trumpet

Blow the trumpet in Zion.

Sound it on the mountain.

Blow the trumpet in Zion.

For the day of Yahweh has

come. (Repeat)


Halle-Halleluyah, Yahweh

200 - Blow the Trumpet in Zion

They rush on the city. They

run on the wall. Great is the 

army that carries out His 

word. (Repeat)


Yahweh utters His voice,

before His army. Y

201 - Listen to Yahshua

Some folks think His Word's a 

fairytale, just nursery

rhymes and stories to enjoy.

A fantasy of myths and 

Sabbath mysteries just written

for little girls

202 - Days of Elijah

These are the days of Elijah,

declaring the Word of 

Yahweh. And these are the 

days of Your servant Moses, 

righteousness being restored.

And though thes

203 - I Fell in Love with the Nazarene

I fell in love with the Nazarene.

I fell in love with Him. I fell in

love with the Nazarene, He

took away my sin. He gave

me beauty for ashes and joy

for all

204 - Oh Magnify Yahweh

Oh magnify Yahweh, for He is

worthy to be praised! Oh

magnify Yahweh, for He is

worthy to be praised!

Hosanna! Blessed be the Rock.

Blessed be the R

207 - It's Not by Might

It's not by might. It's not by

power, but by My Spirit saith

Yahweh. It's not by might.

It's not by power, but by My

Spirit saith Yahweh. And this

mountain s

208 - Glorify Your Name

Father, I love You. I worship

and adore You. Glorify Your

Name in all the earth. Glorify

Your Name, Yah. Glorify 

Your Name. Glorify Your

Name in all the ea

209 - Is Your All on the Altar

You have longed for sweet

peace, and for faith to

increase. And have

earnestly, fervently prayed.

But you cannot have rest

or be perfectly blessed until all<

212 - All the Way My Savior Leads Me

All the way my Savior leads 

me, what have I to ask besides?

Can I doubt His tender mercy,

Who thro' life has been my

guide? Heav'nly peace

abiding comfort

214 - Majesty

Majesty, worship His majesty,

Unto Yahshua be glory, power

and praise. Majesty, kingdom

authority, flows from His 

throne into His own. His 

anthem raise.<

215 - Saints Don't Stop Praying

Saints don't stop praying for

Yah is nigh. Saints don't 

stop praying He'll hear your 

cry. For Yah has promised 

and His Word is true. Saints

don't stop

216 - In the Name of Yahshua

In the Name of Yahshua, in the 

Name of Yahshua, we have the 

victory. In the Name of

Yahshua, in the Name of 

Yahshua, satan, you have to

flee. Tell me,

217 - He Is Mine

He is mine. He is mine. Joy in

my soul and peace in my mind.

He is mine. He is mine. 

Yahshua I know, He is mine.


All day long, all day long, joy

218 - I Need Thee

I need Thee every hour, most

Gracious One. No tender voice

like Thine can peace afford.



I need Thee, Oh, I need Thee.

Every hour I need Th

220 - Amazing Grace

Amazing grace! How sweet

the sound that saved a 

wretch like me. I once was

lost, but now I'm found.

Was blind, but now I see.


'Twas grace that t

222 - Real

Real, real, Yahshua's real to

me. Oh, yes, He gives me the

victory. So many people

doubt Him, but I can't live

without Him. That is why I 

love Him so, beca

223 - Come to the Savior

Come to the Savior, make no 

delay. Here in His Word He's 

shown us the way. Here in

the midst He's standing today,

tenderly saying, "Come."



224 - I Can Run through a Troop

I can run through a troop, leap

over a wall. Halleluyah!

Halleluyah! I can run through

a troop, leap over a wall.

Halleluyah! Halleluyah!

There is therefore

226 - On Bended Knee

On bended knees - I come.

With a humble heart - I come.

Bowing down before Your

holy throne. Lifting holy

hands to You, as I pledge my

life anew. I worship Y

227 - In the Garden

I come to the garden alone,

while the dew is still on the 

roses. And the Voice I hear

falling on my ear the Son of

Yah discloses.




228 - The Horse and Rider

I will sing unto Yahweh, for He

has triumphed gloriously.

The horse and rider thrown

into the sea. (Repeat)


Yahweh my El, my Strength,

my Song has

229 - Down on My Knees

Down on my knees...

When troubles arise...

I'll talk to Yahshua...

Beyond the sky...

He promised me...

He'd hear my plea...

If I would tell Him down

230 - Behold the Tabernacle

Behold the tabernacle of Yah

is with men. And He will

dwell with them, and they

shall be His people. And Yah

Himself shall be with them and

be their El. Beho

233 - I Delight to Do Thy Will

I delight to do Thy will, Oh

Yahweh. Thy call upon my

life I see. Let me yield to the

pressure of Thy purposes, oh

Yah, so that the world can see

Yahshua in

234 - Count on Me

Yah has need of workers to till

His fields today. So kindly He

has led me to walk in

wisdom's way. I pray for

grace to help me with all my 

heart to say, "O

235 - I'm So Glad Yahshua Lifted Me

I'm so glad Yahshua lifted me.

I'm so glad Yahshua lifted me.

I'm so glad Yahshua lifted me.

Singing, "Glory, HalleluYah,

Yahshua lifted me."



236 - Highway to Glory

Don't need to worry. Don't

need to hurry, walking up the

King's Highway. There's joy

in knowing with Him I'm

going, walking up the King's



237 - I'm Going Through

Yah, I have started to walk in

the Light, shining upon me

from Heaven so bright. I bade

the world and its follies adieu.

I've started in Yahshua and

I'm goin

238 - Since Yahshua Came into My Heart

What a wonderful change in 

my life has been wrought, 

since Yahshua came into my

heart. I have light in my soul

for which long I have sought,

since Yahshu

239 - Leave it There

If the world from you withhold

of its silver and gold, and

you have to get along with

meager fare, just remember 

in His Word how He feeds the

little bird.

242 - Shine for Yahshua

When the clouds are hanging

low, shine, shine. And you 

know not where to go, shine

for Yahshua. Take your

burden to Yahshua. You can

take Him at His Word.

243 - Rise and Shine

We are climbing Jacob's 

Ladder. We are climbing 

Jacob's Ladder. We are

climbing Jacob's Ladder,

soldiers of Yahweh.

Ev'ry rung goes higher, 


245 - I See Yahweh (2)

I see Yahweh. I see Yahweh.

He is high and lifted up and

His train fills the temple. The

angels cry, "Holy!" The angels

cry, "Holy!" The angels cry,


246 - I Know Yahweh Will Make a Way

I know Yahweh will make a 

way for me. I know Yahweh

will make a way for me. If I

live a holy life, shun the 

wrong and do the right, I

know Yahweh will m

248 - More about Yahshua

More about Yahshua would I

know. More of His grace to

others show. More of His

saving fullness see. More of

His love, Who died for me.



249 - I Will Bless Thee Oh Yahweh

With my hands lifted up, Yah,

and my mouth filled with 

praise; with a heart of 

thanksgiving, I will bless Thee,

oh Yah. (Repeat)


I will bless

250 - Just over in the Glory-Land

I've a home prepared where

the saints abide, just over in

the glory-land. And I long to 

be by my Savior's side, just

over in the glory-land.



254 - Fill My Cup, Yah

Fill my cup, Yah. I lift it up,

Yah. Come and quench this

thirsting of my soul. Bread of

Heaven, feed me til I want no

more. Fill my cup, fill it up and


255 - Got to Tell You

He helped me up in the 

morning. He poured His

grace into my heart. He lifted

me up and gave me a brand

new start. Opened my eyes

that I may see.


256 - The Mighty Name of Yahweh

As I opened the Book, I gazed 

and looked and there was 

written, the mighty Name of

Yahweh. It flashed as fire before 

my eyes, from the truth I could


257 - How Great Thou Art

Oh, Yah, my El, when I in 

awesome wonder consider all

the worlds Thy hands have

made; I see the stars, I hear the

rolling thunder, Thy power 

throughout t

259 - Let Yah Arise

Let Yah arise, and His enemies

be scattered. Let Yah arise,

and His enemies be scattered. 

Let Yah arise, and His enemies

be scattered. Let Yah, let Yah


261 - His Eye Is on the Sparrow

Why should I feel discouraged,

why should the shadows come,

why should my heart be lonely

and long for Heaven and home,

when Yahshua is my portion?

My consta

262 - I Have Decided

I have decided to follow

Yahshua. I have decided to 

follow Yahshua. I have

decided to follow Yahshua.

No turning back, no turning 




264 - Halleluyah Anyhow

Halleluyah anyhow! I ain't

gonna let no devil get me

down. Anytime he tries to

come my way, I'll just raise

my hands and say,

"Halleluyah anyhow!" 

265 - The King is Coming

The marketplace is empty, no

more traffic in the streets. All

the builders' tools are silent,

no more time to harvest wheat.

Busy housewives cease their 


271 - I Will Do a New Thing

I will do a new thing in you. I

will do a new thing in you.

Whatever you ask for,

whatever you pray for, all

things will be blessed, saith 


273 - Move in Us

Move in us, oh, Holy Spirit.

Move in us - today. Quicken

us by Thy Living Water. Let all

our fears just fade away.

Heal the wounded with the 

Balm of Gilead

275 - If You Know Yahweh is Keeping You

If you know Yahweh is

keeping you, what do you

have to worry about? If you

know Yahweh is keeping you,

why don't you sing and shout,

"Glory, HalleluYah, prai

276 - The Ancient Chosen People

The ancient chosen people

driven from their home, 

groping in darkness restlessly

now roam. Rejecting their

Messiah, blind in unbelief,

know not their hatre

277 - It's All up to Yahweh

It's all up to Yahweh, no

matter what men say. He has

the power to change the night

to day. He will do that which

He has spoken of. So, have

faith in Yahweh

278 - Here We Are in Your Presence

I don't have the words to tell

You how I feel. I just don't

know what I can say. I'm not

worthy to speak Your holy

Name. Yet You tell me You

love me just the

279 - I Could Sing of Your Love

Over the mountains and the 

sea, Your river runs with love

for me. And I will open up 

my heart and let the Healer set

me free. I'm so happy to be in

the t

280 - Joy Unspeakable

I have found His grace is all 

complete, He supplieth ev'ry

need. While I set and learn at

Yahshua's feet, I am free, yes, 

free indeed. 



281 - Kadosh

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh

Yahweh Elohim tz'va'ot

Yahweh Elohim tz'va'ot


Holy Holy Holy

Holy Holy Holy

Oh Yah our El, Yahwe

282 - He Is My Defense

My soul wait thou only, only

upon Yah. For from Him is 

my expectation. My soul wait 

thou only, only upon Yah.

For from Him is my



283 - Praise is Awaiting Thee

Fields are covered with flocks.

Valleys are mantled with grain

lifting their voices together,

they shout for joy and they





284 - An Audience

People - what are we here for.

We're here to praise His Name.

What - are we looking for.

We look to see His face.

Humbly - we bow before.

Yahshua all we give

286 - As the Mountains

As the mountains are around

Jerusalem, so Yahweh is all

around His people. As the

mountains are around

Jerusalem, so Yahweh is all

around His people.

287 - Farther Along

Tempted and tried, we're oft

made to wonder why it

should be thus all the day

long; while there are others

living about us, never

molested, though in the