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194 - His Mercy's Extended

On the Day of Pentecost, they

cried, "What shall we do?" Simon

said, "Repent, for the promise is

unto you." Three thousand went 

down in the water, washed in

Yahshua's Name. They all came 

up speaking in tongues and you

can do the same.



His mercy's extended, won't

you be immersed in His Name?

His mercy's extended, He's 

made the way so plain. His

mercy's extended, if you love

Him, His Word obey. You have

to live by every Word of Yah

and let Him wash all your sins



"There'll be a day of darkness,

the moon's going to turn to 

blood," John the revelator said.

Can't you hear the Word of Yah?

Amos speaks of famine, can't 

you see the dry land? So go down 

in the water in Yahshua's Name

and get ready for the Promised