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129 - He Lives

I serve a risen Savior. He's in

the world today. I know that

He is living, whatever men

may say. I see His hand of

mercy. I hear His voice of 

cheer, and just the time I 

need Him He's always near.



He lives. He lives. Yahshua

lives today. He walks with me

and talks with me along life's

narrow way. He lives. He 

lives, salvation to impart.

You ask me how I know He

lives; He lives within my heart!


In all the world around me I 

see His loving care. And tho'

my heart grows weary, I never

will despair. I know that He

is leading, thro' all the stormy

blast. The day of His 

appearing will come at last.


Rejoice, rejoice oh believer. 

Lift up your voice and sing

eternal halleluyahs to

Yahshua the King. The Hope

of all who seek Him, the Help

of all who find. None other is  

so loving, so good and kind.