Shalom and Blessings in Messiah Yahshua!

We bless you in Yahweh’s Holy Name!

The Congregation of Yahshua is a church based in Pittsburgh that seeks to worship Yahweh in Spirit and in Truth. We do this through keeping weekly Sabbath church services, keeping the Feasts of Yahweh, and daily holy living.

Our senior pastor, Micah B. Anthony, welcomes you…


Pastor Micah welcomes you!

Read about our beliefs below and visit us soon. We would love to worship Yahweh with you!

Our Beliefs

We believe:

  • That the Name of our Heavenly Father is that name which is found in the original Hebrew Scriptures, YHWH, being commonly pronounced as yä·’way; spelled Yahweh.
  • That the Savior came in His Father’s name, and that His name is identified with the Fathers Name: Yahshua, which is pronounced ya·hô·shoo’·ah.  We call upon the shortened form of this name, Y’shua, pronounced Yahshua.
  • The original Scriptures is the inspired Word of Yahweh and our guide for doctrine, correction and instruction in righteousness. In addition, we accept any translation of the Scriptures which accurately translates the existing Biblical Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

Read more about our beliefs and visit us soon.


Teaching sound doctrine is commanded in Scripture. Titus 2:1 “But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.”

At the Congregation of Yahshua, we look to sound doctrine as absolutely necessary for the edification of the church. Listen to Assistant Pastor Elizabeth White explain the importance of sound doctrine in the church:


Assistant Pastor Elizabeth White explains the importance of sound doctrine.

We commit ourselves to be students of the Holy Spirit who was given to teach us and guide is into all Truth (John 16:13). Teaching is primarily conducted by saints who are part of the Teaching Ministry.

Teaching Ministry

The Teaching Ministry is one of many ministries at the Congregation of Yahshua. The saints who are part of the Teaching Ministry are involved in the Spiritual instruction of the Church and are also charged with maintaining sound Biblical doctrine in the Church.

Teaching is conducted weekly through sermons, Bible studies, and lessons. The Teachings page contains links to sermons, Bible studies and lessons.

This ministry is led by Senior Pastor, Micah B. Anthony, Assistant Pastor Elizabeth White, Minister Denise Anthony, and Minister Jeremy Mwangelwa.


Each believer is called by the Holy Spirit to minister to the Church through one or more ministries.

Below are the ministries at the Congregation of Yahshua.

Teaching Ministry

The Teaching Ministry is involved in the Spiritual instruction of the Church and also charged with maintaining sound Biblical doctrine in the Church.

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry focuses on Biblical instruction for children typically between ages 12 – 18.

Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry focuses on Biblical instruction and guidance for children typically between under age 12.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry involves worshiping Yahweh through the Holy Spirit using musical instruments.

Praise Ministry

The Praise Ministry involves worshiping Yahweh using one’s voice as stated in Psalm 103:44: “I will sing to Yahweh as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have being.

Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry involves Biblical instruction, growing fellowship, and bonding among the women in the Church.

Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry involves Biblical instruction, guidance, and fellowship among the men in the Church.

Our Pictures

Before many people visit a church, they like to look at pictures and see what the church and its gatherings look like.

Below are some our pictures. They include pictures of gatherings at the church building in Pittsburgh, and gatherings at other churches we have visited, and also pictures of gatherings at the Feast of Tabernacles when we gather elsewhere to observe the Feast.

More pictures are available for you to see.

Visit Us

Come visit and fellowship with us. We would love to meet you!

We meet for Bible Study every Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

We meet every Saturday for Sabbath Bible classes starting at 1:00 pm
We have a Praise and Worship service at 3:00 pm
We have a sermon after the Praise and Worship Service.

This is what the building looks like:

Congregation of Yahshua Church Building

We frequently enter through the side door on the right side facing the building.

Physical Address (not mailing address):

2100 Eccles Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Mailing Address: 

PO Box 59027
Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Phone: (412) 381-6991 



I will bless Yahweh at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth!

The Scriptures say that we should bless Yahweh at all times and that our praises of Him should continually be in our mouths! We should continually praise Yahweh in all the ways that are fitting with Scripture.

Every Sabbath and every Feast Day we are gathered together to praise Yahweh. We praise Yahweh through songs, plays / skits, and poetry.

Let us praise Yahweh together! Check out our Praises page.

Feast Days

Observing and celebrating the Feast Days (the High Sabbaths) of our Father, Yahweh, is an important part of holy living. Below are the feast dates for the calendar year 2019.

Unleavened Bread
April 9th – 15th
Passover is the evening of April 8th

(Shavuot/Feast of Weeks)

May 31st

Feast of Trumpets
September 19th

Day of Atonement
September 28th

Feast of Tabernacles
October 3rdth – October 9th

The Last Great Day
October 10th