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Sabbath Celebration

by Micah Anthony

Dear Bible Student, I’ve attempted to design this study so you can look up scriptures prayerfully with open mind, finding the answers there. What I think you’ve asked of me is to show you what it says in Yahweh’s word concerning how to keep the Sabbath.

Hopefully your motivation is to please Elohim by learning and obeying His commandments concerning the Sabbath and not the commandments of men. With that, we will be using the KJV Bible. I will format this study by asking you a series of questions to guide you as you read scriptures seeking the answers.

I may also ask you to use the following: Webster’s Dictionary, Strong’s Bible Concordance, or Thesaurus for word study. You must take your time and read all the scriptures or references, looking up any given words to find the answers. If you believe you’ve found the truth about the Sabbath or not, I’d like written and verbal feed back on your findings. If you have any questions feel free to call or contact me.

1.) Would you agree that an important part of knowing how to keep Father Yahweh’s Sabbath Day is knowing when to keep it (Circle yes or no.)?

Read Gen 1:4-5 and answer the following questions:

2.) Does scripture show that Father Yahweh gave a whole 24 hour day, a dark part and a light part?

3.) Besides night and day what other two names does scripture gives these parts? 4.) Can you name the first part which the Bible shows begins a whole day; and the second part who’s ending finishes a day?

Read Lev 23:32 (b) and answer.

5.) When does a Sabbath Day begin and end?

6.) Read Mark 1:32What do we look for in the sky to know when it’s evening?

7.) Read Gen 1:5-2:2 and answer the below #7-8:The Bible shows Father Yahweh made creation week; the first week in existence with how many days?

8.) What numbered day did He rest on, and what do we call that day of the week today?

Now that we know when to keep the Sabbath day, the next question we’ll ask is, does Father Yahweh’s word show other clear examples or guidelines of how to keep the Sabbath day? Read Gen 2:3 and answer. We know Father Yahweh blessed the Sabbath day, but can you find and write two other things Father Yahweh did Himself on the Sabbath, as our example of how to keep it?

9).Can you use either a Dictionary, Bible Concordance, or Thesaurus to look up the words sanctified, hallowed and blessed, write their definitions and any synonyms you find each of the three words have in common.

10). In the scriptures below, are we commanded to keep the Sabbath day as Father Yahweh did; if so how (Duet 5:12; Ex 20:8,11)?


11). Read Lk 4:16; 13:10; MK 1:21. What did Yahshua (Father Yahweh in the flesh) Himself customarily do on the Sabbath Day as our example of how to keep it?

Read Lev 23:3 and write below the word that follows where this sentence leaves off, ” but the seventh day is the sabbath of rest, an holy…”

Use a Bible concordance or Dictionary to write the definition of the missing word and answer the next question.

(13.) Would you agree Father Yahweh desires His people to assemble together or meet on the Sabbath Day?

14.) Should we follow the clear guidelines and examples from the scripture above, or do you agree with those who say getting together to worship with fellow believers on the Sabbath isn’t important to Father Yahweh?

15.) Read Gen. 2:2 and answer Can you write the word Genesis uses to specifically categorize whose work Father Yahweh ended and rested from on the seventh day?

16.) Can you find and write the word Exodus 20:9-11 uses that specifically tells us who’s work Father Yahweh wants us to rest from on the seventh day?

17.) Based on Exodus is it ok in Yahweh’s eyes to encourage others or even strangers around us to do any of our or their, own work?

18.) Do you think it’s ok in Yahweh’s eyes that many Jews today hire non-Jews to run their businesses so they can still make money without working themselves on the Sabbath?

19.) When we keep the Sabbath Day, unlike Evolutionist, and others, we celebrate or commemorate a statement of belief in what (v.11)?

20.) Can you find and write the numbered verse above that shows parents should enforce the practice of Sabbath keeping among their children?

(As we go deeper into the study, we’ll seek the answer to: other than what’s already covered above are there other clear guidelines or examples that show true Sabbath keeping includes limitations physical and otherwise, put in place by Elohim Himself?)


21.) Which of the following scriptures has the word rest in it? (Ex 32:15; 35:2-3) Use a Dictionary to look up and write the definition of rest.

22.) Would you agree that the above definition alone should be enough to at the very least show Father Yahweh expects limited physical activities on the Sabbath day?

23.) Many who choose not to practice any limitations (physical or other wise) at all on the Sabbath, believe Father Yahweh has nothing to do with the idea. They believe the very mention of limitations to be purely man made or extreme. Read Ex 16:23-30. Can you find and write the number of the two versus that best show Father Yahweh Himself putting physical limitations on his people?

24.) Read Num 15:32-36; Ex 35:2-3. Do you wonder why Father Yahweh had such a serious response for people simply lighting a fire on the Sabbath or gathering sticks to carrying? Use Webster’s Dictionary to look up and write the definition of kindle.

25.) Do you think Father Yahweh responded this way because without the modern aid of matches, stoves or microwaves, getting a fire started in the old days was anything but easy or simple?       Is it highly probable that starting a fire and walking around gathering and carrying a load of sticks, required more physical work or exertion on the sabbath than Father Yahweh wanted?

26.) In Strongs Bible Concordance look up the definition for burden in Jer. 17:19-27 or Neh. 13:15,19. At first glance the definition may not seem to fit the usage of the word in context with the passage. Can you research further by finding and looking up in Websters Dictionary some of the words written in the definition and write the word and it’s definition which you believe best applies to the meaning of burden as used in the scripture text?

27.) I’ve heard it said that some Pharisees teach that you’re breaking the sabbath if you carry even a little pin in your pocket. They say it’s the same thing as carrying a burden. Would you say scripture is in agreement with this teaching, or it’s an error of manmade origin?

(Read Isaiah 58:13-14;Rev 4:11,and consider as we begin to question whether or not our own work is the only thing we’re to rest from on the Sabbath day?)

28.) In keeping the command to keep the Sabbath day holy, name three different things in the Isaiah above that we should turn away from, or not do on the Sabbath?

29.)Who should we honor on the Sabbath day? Despite these obvious limitations, what does Elohim want us to call a delight?


30.) If we keep Father Yahweh’s commandment concerning His Sabbath day, what does he promise us?

31.) Read MT 15:18. Besides limiting our own physical activities within the guidelines of keeping the Sabbath day holy, do you think Is 58:13(b) implies that Father Yahweh also wants us to limit or yield our own activities of the heart and mind to Him?

32.) Do you think a big reason Father Yahweh commands us to limit or even eliminate our own purely self motivated physical and mental activities, on the Sabbath is He desires to bless us by having our mind, body and soul yielded with least amount of distraction as possible to the liberty of His Spirit?

33.) Read MT 12:8 & Is 58:13 Would you say these two scriptures together shows the Sabbath is not meant for our own labors or amusements; but holy time sanctified for devotion, honor and worship to our Lord and Savior?

34.) Read Rev. 4:11.Who’s pleasure should be our focus everyday; especially on the Sabbath?

(Read Neh 10:31,13:15-22 and answer)

35.) Should we enjoy the pleasure of buying (shopping) at the malls on the Sabbath day? 36.) Do you think spending your money for things at stores, restaurants and theaters on the Sabbath encouraging others to work; since it’s their business to sell you their goods? 37.) Read again 13:15-18. What kind of attitude did Nehemiah have towards Yahweh’s people who profaned the Sabbath in this way?

38.) Read 2 Tim 4:2-4. How would you respond to people today who claim to keep the Sabbath but feel they don’t need to obey Elohim’s command not to buy or sell (do business)? Should we respond the same way as Nehemiah; or let people continue to think they’re Sabbath keepers, and its no big deal?

39.) Read Isaiah 56:2-8. What will happen to any man who obeys Yahweh’s limitations; on the Sabbath Day?

40.) Read MK 2:27. Based on all that you’ve learned so far would you say the Sabbath was made for our good or it’s own good?

(Use Websters dictionary to look up the meaning of secular and write it below.)


41.) Read MK 15:42; LK 23: 54-56.Since the beginning of every Sabbath day is to be a time when you cease from earthly or secular employment and devote yourself to sacred heavenly things, do you know if scripture gives you guidelines and examples of a set time in which to prepare in advance for it?

(Look up Preparation in the Strongs Concordance: Gr.#3904 & #3903 and write what you think is the best definition below:)

42.) Read Ex 16: 22-23. Does scripture show Father Yahweh established the foundation for his people to use the sixth day (FRI) as the day to prepare in advance; helping to eliminate distraction from His Sabbath day plan for us?

43.) Can you finish the following sentence in your own words? In order that every Sabbath day can begin in rest from secular, earthly employment, proper preparation involving actively limiting or eliminating as much distractions or interference from our environment as possible should be done on…

44.)Read 1 CHRON 23:28-32; 2 CHRON 31:2-3;Num 28:9-10,JN 7:22-24 and answer did Father Yahweh have exceptions as far as allowing or even commanding certain types of work to be done on the sabbath? If you find He did allow a kind of work write one category you would name it under?

45.) In scripture the penalty for men who on their own pick up sticks and light a fire on the Sabbath is death. Other men (priest) performing various Elohim assigned work such as making a fire, killing and cutting up sheep and bulls and placing their bodies on top of the alter of sacrifice on the sabbath is ok? True/false

46.) MT 12:1-5, Can you find and write the number of the versus from the scripture that specifically show in Father Yahweh’s eyes these people who worked on the Sabbath are not guilty of breaking the Sabbath?

47.) Read JN 5:5-17.Would you say this further shows that even though as a rule, our own work on the Sabbath isn’t allowed (Ex 20:9), scripture shows Elohim directed physical labor or work done for His glory and ministry is allowed?

48.) Questions #48 & 49 are food for thought. Keeping these exceptions in mind, go back and consider Neh 15:21 & Num 15:36 to answer the following. Do you think in Yahweh’s eyes Nehemiah would have been guilty of violating the Sabbath if he had to physically exert himself, to carry out his threat?

49.) What about the Children of Israel in Numbers? (Why or Why not?)

50.) Read MT.12: 9-13;LK 6:1-4,9: Would Father Yahweh call it bad for us to do works of mercy which include physical exertions that we normally wouldn’t do on His sabbath day to help bring suffering or troubled animals and people relief?

Read MT 12:1-4;Lk 6:1-5. Use Strongs Bible concordance to look up the following numbers for definitions of “an hungred “(#3983 & #3993) and write them below:

51.) Read 1 Sam 21:3-6. David and his men had been running for their lives from King Saul for some time and were in need of sustenance. Would you say the fact that scripture doesn’t condemn David or his men for eating the Show bread demonstrates Father Yahweh makes some allowances or exceptions in certain situations (i.e. Life and death) to some of his rules; including the Sabbath?

52.) Does Mt 12:7 suggest that the Disciples who following Yahshua to pluck grains of wheat on the Sabbath, Like David’s eating of the showbread, were considered innocent in Yahweh’s eyes?

53.) Would you agree helping troubled and suffering animals or people is also in keeping with Exodus 20:10; enabling them to better rest on Yahweh’s Sabbath day?

54.) Read LK 13:15-16. Do you think Father Yahweh forbids us such everyday necessities as getting our thirsty or hungry pets food and water; or changing our baby’s diapers on the Sabbath?

55.) What would you say to someone who teaches that Father Yahweh in his word doesn’t ever allow work of any kind on His Sabbath?

56.) Read LK 6:5. Because of who Yahshua is, if He (Elohim in the flesh) tells us on the sabbath to physically exert ourselves, building an ark like Noah, would you say it’s OK?

57.) Would you say Yahshua being the creator of the Sabbath interpreted how to keep it differently than the religious leaders of the time?

58.) Many religious leaders today (modern day Pharisees) attempt to use these exceptions to Father Yahweh’s Sabbath guidlines to replace or throw out not only the man made regulations of the Pharisees of old, but also Elohim’s regulations. Do you agree that the exceptions have now become the rule or should we keep the exceptions as exceptions; and still strive to follow Father Yahweh’s command of sabbath rest?

59.) Do you think the anointed King David, along with his men who ate the sacred Show bread and were found guiltless, took this exception to mean that he could now do away with Father Yahweh’s command and teach that anyone not just the priest are regularly allowed to eat of it?

60.) Read MT 5:17-20,15: 1-10. From reading scripture which statement is more probable? A.) Yahshua (Sabbath Creator) was altogether doing away with physical limitations; even what He himself placed on the Sabbath, or B.) He was simply restoring the Law (true Sabbath keeping) back to what He originally designed from the beginning; by correcting the false man made laws or traditions the Scribes and Pharisees erroneously enforced as the doctrines of Elohim?

Use the Strongs Concordance and look up Doctrine or Doctrines and write the definition below:


Read MT 24:19-20 and use the Strongs Bible Concordance to look up and write the definition of flight:


61.) Many believe, Yahshua made the need for physical limitations on the sabbath disappear. As you can see in the above scriptures he’s speaking of the end times here the passage implies the sabbath custom of rest is still in effect. This practice of keeping the sabbath would by necessity make the immediate need for sudden departure even more difficult for the people to accomplish. Would you agree this is a big reason Yahshua asked the people to pray that their flight would not have to be on the Sabbath?

62.) Father Yahweh’s desire for us to rest on His sabbath, by freely choosing not to do our own work or pleasure affords us the best ability to Maximize freedom in His Spirit; doing His work and pleasure. His Sabbath rest is a weekly _expression and reminder that from the beginning, all creation was made for his pleasure. He lovingly desires that we in our hearts freely choose to totally and exclusively be in Him so that He might bless us.


Read Leviticus 23:1-3 and see if Father Yahweh’s word views the Sabbath day as a feast unto Him?

63.) Should we look at it as a feast celebration?

64.) Read Is 58:13-14;Psalm 92:1-6;Ezek 46:3. Does Father Yahweh mean for us to make our Sabbath celebration, a delight of High praises and worship directed exclusively unto Him; or because we can’t do our own fleshly, worldly preoccupations, make His sabbath a time of dreary boredom, miserably going through the motions?

(Well that’s all for now, until Part Two, which deals with what the Bible has to say concerning the churches changing from Sabbath to Sunday.)