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Romans 14 Doubtful Things

We already know that the writings of Paul are difficult to understand. We were even warned beforehand by Peter that Paul’s letters can be misunderstood by those lacking a strong foundation in Elohim’s Word (The Law).

by Micah Anthony

The Purpose and Meaning of Baptism

The Bible uses the Greek, (baptisma) it literally means “immersion” or “dipping.” Though the word for baptism in Greek means immerse or dip, not all Christians use this mode when baptizing. Many sprinkle water on the head and some pour.

by Micah Anthony

The Name YHWH

God knows you by NAME. Do you know Him by His Personal NAME?

by Micah Anthony

What the Bible Teaches on Cussing

I will forever have an image of my Mother Norma Jean Anthony cornering me in the bathroom with a bar of soap in her hand. Mom taught us not to cuss.

by Micah Anthony

Sabbath Celebration

Dear Bible Student, I’ve attempted to design this study so you can look up scriptures prayerfully with open mind, finding the answers there.

by Micah Anthony

Sabbath Replaced

Hey BIBLE student , Hopefully you’ve studied enough so far to learn that the Sabbath is a day when we devote ourselves to heavenly sacred things.

by Micah Anthony