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265 - The King is Coming

The marketplace is empty, no

more traffic in the streets. All

the builders' tools are silent,

no more time to harvest wheat.

Busy housewives cease their 

labors, in the courtroom no

debate, work on earth is all

suspended as the King comes 

thro' the gate.



O, the King is coming, the

King is coming. I just heard

the trumpets sounding, and

now His face I see. O the

King is coming, the King is 

coming. Praise Yah He's 

coming for me.


Happy faces line the hallways,

those whose lives have been

redeemed, broken homes that 

He has mended, those from

prison He has freed; little

children and the aged hand in

hand stand all aglow, who

were crippled, broken, 

ruined, clad in garments 

white as snow.


I can hear the chariots rumble.

I can see the marching throng,

the flurry of Yah's trumpets 

spells the end of sin and 

wrong. Regal robes are now

unfolding, heaven's 

grandstands all in place;

heaven's choir is now

assembled, start to sing

"Amazing Grace"!