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276 - The Ancient Chosen People

The ancient chosen people

driven from their home, 

groping in darkness restlessly

now roam. Rejecting their

Messiah, blind in unbelief,

know not their hatred ends in 

hopeless grief.



Savior, Savior, hail Emmanuel

Save Thy Zion, save Thine

Israel. Willfully she wanders

drifting farther from Thy side,

save Thy misguided and 

unfaithful bride.


Remove the veil of Moses from

Thy Israel, wake them from 

slumber to hear Thy evangel.

Their darkened hearts 

enlighten, help them to believe

that they may know Thee and 

Thy peace receive.


Thy Israel and Judah bring to 

unity and grant them Thy

blessing, peace, and victory.

Show them Thy

commandment, reveal Thy

sacred Name, give them

encouragement Thy evangel to