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111 - So What If Kingdoms Crumble Down

For years alone and lost was I,

no refuge could I find. Just

like a piece of drift wood

floating down the sea of time.

Then something happened to

my heart that's all that I can

say. When Yah said He

would walk with me each step

of the way.



So what if kingdoms crumble

down. So what if storm 

clouds roll. So what if this

world be destroyed. He'll take

care of my soul. I have no

need to fear the night the

terrors it may bring, for

while I'm walking in the light

I'm walking with the King.


Behind me now are wasted

years, I care not to recall.

The future's so much brighter

now, since I gave Him my all.

I'll not forget His mercy, nor

be a fool with pride. But I'll

sing His praises all my days,

so He'll stay by my side.


Hand in hand we walk along

my heavenly King and I. And

if I stumble down and fall

He'll not let me lie. He'll call

to me. He'll take my hand.

So patient and kind is He.

Walking with Yahshua,

talking with Him is heaven on

earth to me.