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242 - Shine for Yahshua

When the clouds are hanging

low, shine, shine. And you 

know not where to go, shine

for Yahshua. Take your

burden to Yahshua. You can

take Him at His Word. Sing

and pray every day. Shine!

Shine! Shine!


Shine, when troubles shake

you. Shine, when friends

forsake you. All the way, 

ev'ry day, there's a crown a

waiting. Shine, when foes

assail you. Shine, when others

fail you. Keep your eyes on

Yahshua and shine, shine, 


When the world world it's power

wield, shine, shine. Yahshua

will be your shield. Shine for

Yahshua. Seek the master on 

your knees. He's above you 

and He sees. Sing and pray

ev'ry day. Shine! Shine! 


When your sins are washed 

away, shine, shine. He'll go

with you ev'ry day. Shine for

Yahshua. You are never more

alone, Yahshua is all your own.

Sing and pray ev'ry day.

Shine! Shine! Shine!


When your path is black as

night, shine, shine. Soon He'll 

bring you to the light. Shine

for Yahshua. Tho' the way be 

hard and long, never change 

from right to wrong. Sing and 

pray ev'ry day. Shine! Shine!