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201 - Listen to Yahshua

Some folks think His Word's a 

fairytale, just nursery

rhymes and stories to enjoy.

A fantasy of myths and 

Sabbath mysteries just written

for little girls and little boys.

But this Man's life, it was a 

miracle. And greater things 

He said that He would do. A

power that was constantly at 

His command. All of us can

operate it too, so... just...



Listen to Yahshua. Say what

Yahshua said. Keep on

looking at Yahshua. Do what

Yahshua did. And He will

turn your life around. And

you will turn this world 



Yahshua said only believe the 

Word. And say unto the 

mountain, "Be removed."

Circumstances in your life will

start to change if you abide in 

Him, and He in you. Yahshua

said that He must go away,

that the Comforter would 

come, sent in His Name. The

Spirit's power come to show us

all the truth, and then live in

us until He comes again.

So... just...