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280 - Joy Unspeakable

I have found His grace is all 

complete, He supplieth ev'ry

need. While I set and learn at

Yahshua's feet, I am free, yes, 

free indeed. 



It is joy unspeakable and full

of glory, full of glory, full of

glory. It is joy unspeakable

and full of glory. Oh, the half

has never yet been told.


I have found the pleasure I

once craved, it is joy and peace

within. What a wond'rous

blessing! I am saved from the 

awful gulf of sin.


I have found that hope so bright

and clear, living in the realm of 

grace. Oh, the Savior's 

presence is so near, I can see His

smiling face.


I have found the joy no tongue

can tell, how its waves of glory

roll! It is like a great 

overflowing well, springing up

within my soul.