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237 - I'm Going Through

Yah, I have started to walk in

the Light, shining upon me

from Heaven so bright. I bade

the world and its follies adieu.

I've started in Yahshua and

I'm going through.



I'm going through. Yes, I'm

going through. I'll pay the price,

whatever others do. I'll take 

the way with Yah's despised 

few. I'm going through,

Yahshua. I'm going through.


Many they are who start in the 

race, but with the Light they

refuse to keep pace. Others

accept it because it is new, but

not very many expect to go



I'd rather walk with Yahshua

alone, and have for a pillow

like Jacob a stone. Living 

each moment with His Face in 

view than shrink from my

pathway and fail to go through.


Oh brother, now will you take

up the cross? Give up the 

world, and count it as dross.

Sell all thy hast and give to 

the poor. Then go through with

Yahshua and those who