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60 - I Love this Family of Yah

Amid the toils and struggles of 

the day I stop and count my

blessings and I say, "Thank 

You, Yah, for giving this new 

life to me. And thank You

for this great family."



I love this family of Yah, so

closely knitted into one.

They've taken me into their

hearts and I'm so glad to be 

a part of this great family.


If some temptation causes me

to ere, I know someone will

breathe my name in prayer,

asking Him for mercy and to

show to me and keep me in

this great family.


No greater love hath ever been

known to man since Yahshua 

died that we might live again,

until a band of people pledge 

most solemn allegiance to this

great family.