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171 - Glory to His Name

Down at the tree where my

Savior died, down where for

cleansing from sin I cried.

There to my heart was the 

Blood applied. Glory to His




Glory to His Name...Glory to

His Name...There to my heart

was the Blood applied. Glory

to His Name.


I am so wondrously saved 

from sin. Yahshua so 

sweetly abides within. There

at the tree where He took me 

in, glory to His Name.


Oh, precious Fountain that

saves from sin, I am so glad I

have entered in. There

Yahshua saves me and keeps

me clean. Glory to His Name.


Come to this Fountain so rich

and sweet. Cast thy poor soul

at the Savior's feet. Plunge in

today and be made complete.

Glory to His Name.