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234 - Count on Me

Yah has need of workers to till

His fields today. So kindly He

has led me to walk in

wisdom's way. I pray for

grace to help me with all my 

heart to say, "O, blessed

Savior, count on me."



Count on me. Count on me,

for loving hearted service glad

and free. Yes, count on me.

Count on me. O blessed

Savior count on me.


I count on Thee, dear Master,

for cleansing in Thy blood, for

constant streams of blessing, a 

never failing flood. To ever 

new frustration I see Thy

mercies bud. O blessed Savior

count on me.


Now gird me for the battle 

when evil pow'rs oppose. And

give me faith and courage to 

conquer o'er Thy foes. I

pledge Thee my allegiance, my

soul no other knows. O

blessed Savior count on me.


I'll bear another's burden

along a narrow way, or teach

that burden bearer with

confidence to pray. In service

ever loyal at home or far away

O blessed Savior count on me.