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136 - At the Tree

Alas and did my Savior bleed? 

And did my Sovereign die.

Would He devote that sacred 

head for such a worm as I?



At the tree, at the tree where I

first saw the light, and the 

burdens of my heart rolled 

away. It was there by faith I

received my sight and now I

am happy all the day.


Was it for crimes that I have 

done He groaned upon the

tree? Amazing pity, grace

unknown and love beyond



Well might the sun in darkness

hide and shut His glories in,

when Yah the mighty Maker

die for man the creatures sin.


But drops of grief can ne'er

repay the debt of love I owe.

Here, Yah, I give myself away,

'tis all that I can do.