Bible Studies

We have Bible studies every Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. The Bible studies are very engaging and all the saints are welcome to participate. We dive into Scriptural doctrine and learn how to apply Biblical principles to our lives. 

We have studied topics such as Spiritual Warfare, The Sabbath Day, Soteriology: The Doctrine of Salvation, and many more.

Bible Study Topics

Below are several Bible study topics and articles.

The Purpose and Meaning of Baptism
Learn about the history of baptism, baptism in the New Testament, and what baptism has to do with repentance, cleansing, and joining the Body of Messiah Yahshua.

The Name: YHWH
The Creator knows you by your personal name. Do you know Him by His personal Name? Discover God’s true Name. Learn that God wants you to use and proclaim His true Name. Stop using His incorrect Name.

What the Bible Teaches About Cussing
Discover what the Bible teaches about cussing. Discover words that are not cusses but are derived from cusses and why you should never use them. Learn that you should never ever cuss.

Sabbath Part 1
Learn about the Sabbath and why you should keep it.

Sabbath Part 2
Learn more about the Sabbath, how it was replaced and why Sunday is NOT the Sabbath.

Titles and the Name in Light of Sacred Names 
Learn about titles for Yahweh in light of the Sacred Names

The Sabbath is a Feast of Yahweh 
Did you know that the Sabbath is a feast of Yahweh? Learn more…